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Attention is drawn to announcements and events related to SPOPLAY JAPAN CBT OPEN.

------- SPOPLAY JAPAN CBT Notice --------

* CBT Period: August 15th (Sat) ~ August 22nd (Sat) 12:00 p.m.
(Site inspection: Site inspection is scheduled to be re-opened on August 25 (Tue) at 2 p.m. after CBT ends.)

* Payment at the time of membership during CBT period: 10,000 balls and 500 cash upon completion of membership.

* Free charge during CBT period :
- After logging in, you can charge the ball using the [Free Charge] button at the top.
- If the ball is less than 10,000 balls, 50,000 balls will be paid. (No limit on the number of balls)

* CBT Period Cache Charging :
- Since it is a test period during CBT, charging is not possible through PG.

※ At the end of the CBT period, the cache, ball, and point will be initialized.
However, the account you created and the clubs are not initialized.

--------- Celebrating CBT! Bug-hunting Event --------

*Products : Lamborghini Smartphones (10 units)
* Participation period : August 15 to 22, 2020 (8 days)

*If you find a bug within CBT and post it on your free bulletin board, you'll automatically apply for the event. These events may terminate prematurely.

The winners will be announced later.